Monday, March 30, 2020

E-Commerce Trends of 2020

Now more than ever, eCommerce is crucial for your business. Not only do you need to be easily accessible online, but you also need to stay on top of trends if you have a shot at competing with other online stores. So here are the top 10 trends you can expect to see in 2020.

Social Media

Let’s start with social media! It’s the easiest way to stay connected to your customers. It’s the place you can convey brand personality, share engaging content and showcase your products. You can demonstrate how your products are used and share real reviews to build social proof and develop brand trust.

Green Consumerism

Consumers feel responsible for the planet which means they are becoming more eco-conscious with their shopping habits. They are choosing to support sustainable brands that engage in environmental efforts which can be through resources or simply donating to relevant charities. If your target audience is millennials, it only makes it that much more important to take action and create sustainable practices because they are leading the way for green consumerism.

Mobile over Desktop

Mobile consumerism is forever on the rise. Younger generations are growing up attached to their phones, with constant access to the internet, so if you’re not optimizing your website for mobile use you’re not catering to your market. Even when consumers purchase instore, they will generally research your product online first; checking your IG to see who’s been using your product, what the comments are on your post, if you have any online sales running, whether they can find it cheaper elsewhere, etc. Mobile phones make it simple for consumers to purchase with one simple click or via facial recognition.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective way to connect potential consumers to your business. It’s direct marketing to your consumer via a trusted source. Influencers have built communities around them that genuinely care about their opinions. It’s easy for them to build attention around your products through recommendations or sponsored posts. This type of marketing can be used to create brand awareness and social proof or to drive traffic to your website.

Automation and Chatbots for Online Ordering

With 1.3 billion people on Facebook Messenger, you can see how essential it is to take advantage of this service. Chatbots are specifically designed for you to directly reach your consumer to generate sales, expose them to your ads as well as build and maintain your relationship with them. We’re betting this Chatbots will become a mainstream way to make purchases pretty soon. I know this one will take a lot of work but once it’s set up you’ll be ahead of the game! Well, for now anyway…

Augmented Reality

The future is here… You can now allow your online consumers to experience your product in “real life” before purchasing. Not only does this enhance the customer experience, but it eliminates any concerns and uncertainties that could be preventing your customer from purchasing.  It can be difficult for people to imagine what your product might look like on their body or in their house, this handy little feature enables them to do exactly that.

Voice Search Capabilities

The rise in mobile phone consumerism brings with it the rise of voice search shopping. This means consumers can shop online by providing a verbal description of what they are looking for, making it a non-visual experience. This restricts the scope of browsing, which means your consumer is likely a repeat customer and knows what they are looking for. At this stage it is generally only low-cost items that are available for voice search purchasing however, we recommend you optimize your business for voice search capabilities now to ensure you’re losing any potential consumers.

Same-Day or Next Day Delivery

In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a fast-paced society; consumers want their online purchases as fast as possible, if not instantly. If you have the capability to introduce same-day or next-day delivery, do it! If you can meet your consumer’s needs faster than your competitors can, it could give them the final little push they need to choose your product – and if you don’t offer it they might turn to a competitor who does. It’s not something every business is in a position to offer, so it is a great way to stand out if you can.


Personalization is a crucial component to the success of your business. You can personalize through exclusive offers in emails and by engaging with your consumers on social media platforms through live-stream videos, comments and messages. To go even further, you can personalize your digital marketing by tailoring your ads to the specific needs of your consumer. This means they don’t have to even go searching for what they need because you have put it right there in front of them.