Friday, March 13, 2020

The Tools We Use To Run Our Agency

Utilizing tools for business are essential in work optimization, communication and client satisfaction. Keeping up to date with technology and the marketing services available to us is important for the development of internal systems and operations, as well as the delivery of premium campaigns to clients.

When deciding on what tools to use in the workplace, it is important to understand what your team is working towards and how to assist them in achieving these goals. For us, it’s all about optimizing time and monitoring projects, when our team has the best tools possible at their fingertips, we know this is achievable.


When we want to organize tasks and make stuff happen, ClickUp is the way to go. Tracking time, allocating work and keeping on track of what we need done is SO important, so when details matter and time is money, this is the platform for us to make it happen.

Campaign Monitor

As far as design goes, we have an awesome creative design team, but when we need to build our own email campaigns, this platform means we’re as clever as our tech guys. With a HUGE array of templates and customization tools, this is a great way for us to get our content out quick and easy.


Creating leads and securing regular return clients can be optimized through Autopilot. Forget repetitive tasks such as sending out company blogs and updates, client achievements or service information. Integrate your apps and create a campaign to grow your list of clients with personalised and optimised content.


This is our one stop shop for everything creative. We are constantly designing new material and using this platform for everything from Photoshop to Analytics and Illustrator. Having a task made easy is what we are about, the apps are very user friendly and a go to for day-to-day tasks.


Meetings, meetings, meetings. We are constantly in contact with our clients from near and far to make sure that our campaigns are on track and on brand. Communication is crucial and when we have a reliable provider such as Zoom; it makes our job a LOT easier. With on-demand viewing, reporting and analytics, HD video and audio calls and more, this is a great tool for client contact.


When you talk faster than you type, but don’t have the ability to be in constant meetings, Loom is your new best friend. Capture your screen, voice and face and instantly share in less time it takes to type and send an email.


Say goodbye to manual posting and welcome Sked, the platform that shows your selected image with caption, post time, hashtags, location and tags in your calendar and waiting to go live. Planning and scheduling in advance means that dedicating a day to months’ worth of content is now the future of social posting.


This is our EVERYTHING for internal communications, if you didn’t send it on slack, we don’t know about it. Send spreadsheets, images, GIFS and more, making your office closer and your meme game stronger, with instant messaging now ensuring that everyone knows what’s up.

Reveal Bot

Three platforms, handled by one tool, say no more. Finding the best campaigns across multiple platforms and spending only what you know will convert is now that easy. Easy to navigate, automate, customise and compare metrics, this is one smart program for optimising time and money in campaigns.


When there’s an app, that connects our favourite apps, how could we not use it. Creating a new zap means putting a trigger on your email, to download an attachment into Dropbox, to then alert you on slack when it is in Dropbox.  Integrating tools makes workflow smoother and separates the important tasks, get zapping.

Super Metrics

Finally, all your marketing data in one place. Yes, you heard correct, a product that automatically reports for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics. Build and customise your dashboard and centralise your marketing data then analyse in Excel – yay for reporting made easy.