Thursday, February 20, 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Are you trying to take your company to the next level? Well, we’ve got you covered! Staying on top of digital marketing trends can overwhelming so here are our top 7 tips to keep you ahead of the game!

1. Pinterest – Kristie, Media Buyer

We believe Pinterest is the most underrated platform. Providing its users with the best of both worlds through beautiful imagery and interesting copy, it’s hard to tell the difference between organic and sponsored content. Users are ready to buy making it the perfect platform for high ticket items such as home décor and weddings. It’s an inexpensive way to market your brand and we suggest getting in quick before it becomes oversaturated!

2. Personalized Marketing - James, Google Specialist

With social media platforms being so oversaturated with sponsored content, it can be quite the challenge grabbing the attention of your target audience.  This is where ad customization will help your brand be a standout! Be as specific as possible when creating copy and imagery, the more relatable to the consumer, the better!

3. Authenticity & Transparency – Evelyn, Copywriter

Audiences are more educated and switched on than ever before. If you're still using traditional "salesy" marketing tactics, it might be time to rethink your content strategy. To resonate with your audience in 2020 you need to stop viewing them as "consumers" and start viewing them as real people. That means speaking to them as you would speak to your friends. Talk to them authentically and be completely transparent about what you are selling. In the digital age, there's no place to hide. Be honest, talk to your audience like they are intelligent people rather than trying to outsmart them. That's how you are going to cut through in 2020.  

4. Broad Targeting – Tom, Media Buyer

There are two ways to target your audience, specific and broad. Targeting broadly means you’re allowing Facebook to use more data points which gives algorithms more opportunity to learn. Following this, you can review the performance of your ad campaigns and learn about the types of consumers that were found for you and how they interacted with your ad. This approach can help you reach customers you never would have found otherwise!

5. Review Experience – Josh, Media Buyer

We are predicting there will be a larger focus on the consumer experience post-purchase. Through reviews, Facebook will verify whether the product a consumer bought through an ad meets the expectations a brand has set. Facebook will then alter a brand's ad performance depending on its rating. Low rating products will be penalized and dropped in performance. 

6. TikTok – Bella, Administration and Marketing Assistant

The app that has taken over the internet. With as many users as Instagram, right now is the time to get in quick and establish an audience and build a relationship. It’s a place where you can interact with your consumers through participating in the viral TikTok challenges which ultimately makes you more relatable. You heard it here first, TikTok influencers will be the next big thing.

7. Trust Website Growth & Revenue – Georgia, Media Buyer

With new laws and regulations, technologies and add ons that prevent accurate pixel tracking, it’s becoming harder to track the direct correlation between a consumer viewing or clicking an ad and making a purchase. We think brands need to focus on advertising across a broad range of platforms, from Facebook Ads to TikTok collaborations – these platforms work cohesively to build a successful brand. Place a greater focus on your overall revenue stream (rather than looking at the performance of each individual platform), if this is continuing to grow, then your marketing strategy is working. 

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