Friday, April 24, 2020

Communication is KEY

We have learned a LOT since working from home. We were optimistic heading into this situation so we grabbed it by the horns and have basically become WFH pros!

With the move from the office to home, one of our major takeaways has been COMMUNICATION and working together as a team from a distance. At Expose Media, we are a family, we work hard, laugh harder, and do our best work in a collaborative space. 

So, what happened when this was all flipped on its head?

We became closer than ever! Initially, the transition was odd... we missed the interaction and being able to poke your head over a desk to say hey. But with the help of technology and a bunch of social lovin’ digital nerds, we catch up as a team regularly and are constantly in contact. 

Here are a few tips on communication within your team that will make this distance seem like nothing!

1. Make the time

The first thing we learned was to prioritize communication and schedule in every important conversation, even if it was for 5 or 10 minutes, to make sure that work was understood and everyone knew their tasks.

When it comes to the social and general team interaction, we have been organizing weekly activities such as meditation and yoga for 15 minutes over Zoom and have mandatory Friday social drinks. 

Ultimately, if you prioritize and lock in communication, your team won’t feel a shift. As long as the right technology and platforms are in place, this will be a smooth transition if everyone understands their part.

2. Use the right platforms 

For all of our internal communications we use Slack, the greatest thing since MSN (because who didn’t love a rofl and lol). Not only can you direct message groups and channels, but make video calls, send documents, link other platforms, create workflows and to-do lists. IT HAS IT ALL… EVEN GIFS!

Project management software is also a MUST for the organization of tasks and communication. We LOVE ClickUp as it allows everyone to track time, assign people to a task AND it connects to Slack and other platforms. Keeping all information consistent across multiple platforms. 

Zoom, oh Zoom, what would we do without you? To be able to have our ENTIRE team in one space is amazing. To see everyone's faces, have conversation, share memes in chat, but also connect with our clients is incredible. As much as it has been great for internal comms, our clients are loving it too, with the click of a link we are all in contact and ready to take on the next project.

3. Keep it fun

What you do as a team for social occasions, general banter, and interaction can be done online, it just takes a bit of creativity and planning. We have a mandatory virtual ‘hot tub’, every Friday (though it’s open all week for people to enjoy) and we all ‘jump in’ to have a conversation while we finish our work for the week. A Zoom call is created and we hop in for the last hour or so of the day, to keep up the closest thing to office banter and even throw campaign ideas around with each other. 

So, if you’re struggling with teamwork, communication, and overall distance, our main takeaways from this would be; prioritize communication and make a calendar update, have the right tools in place to optimize your time, and have fun with it. 

Make the most of this moment in time and keep up the communication, we all got this.